...nä..zzz..tan alltid morgonpigg...

Om du aldrig vågar pröva dina vingar, hur ska du då kunna veta om du kan flyga? Och om det visar sig att du inte kunde flyga, då kan du alltid försöka igen.

I made it!!!

2013Posted by Eva Smedberg Thu, November 07, 2013 06:25:08

Today I should try something different. I should try to write a text, that is longer than twenty Instagramletters.

This text is, of course, to each and everyone of you, but today I`ve got my special Instagramfriends on my mind.

People that I never ever had met if it wasn`t for Instagram. People that lives nearby and people from other parts of the world. I consider them as my friends, even though, I don`t know them by heart.

And it is right here my language problems begins CAUSE when I write; I don`t know them by heart...becomes my swedish...well...my brain totally confused.

To know someone by heart is, for me, a person you enjoy with all your heart, so it feels a little odd to write that I don`t. Well...better move on...my workingday is approaching and one should not exaggerate...the twenty words-project is completed. Have a great day!!

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